Stand in Truth

Stand in Truth

In many traditions this week is a powerful time when the veil between the worlds of what is seen and what is unseen is thin. It is possible to gain clarity and awareness of our shadows, the masks we wear, our connections to people who have passed on, and it offers an opportunity to take a good look at how we stand in truth with ourselves and in our lives.

Yesterday I attended a Yoga & Life Coaching workshop at YogaKula with Sianna Sherman and Laurie Gerber. Sianna started the session with a yoga practice focused on diving deeply into our hearts to recognize our lives as an expression of our truth. Laurie supported us in crafting a dream for one of the 18 areas of our life and examining the excuses we have for not living our dream. I loved the opportunity to integrate two aspects of my business into one practice and to look at the stories I am telling myself that aren’t true. I recently started a regular practice of speaking my dreams that I have been to scared to admit (even to myself). I feel empowered by standing in my truth and being willing to step up and into the dreams that excite and scare me. It creates a powerful shift in the unseen as I take a stand for my dreams and puts the wheels in motion for my dreams to manifest. An essential practice Laurie offered was the “Personal Integrity Method” for uncovering our dreams and creating the structure for making them REAL which included: write your dream, list the excuses, make promises and create accountability.

Today is an invitation to gain clarity on what your BIG dreams are, to stand with integrity and to examine the excuses that stand in the way of living your dream! I welcome the chance to release the veils that limit me and state my Truth: I am a healer, writer, speaker and performing artist that stands for truth, love, artistic expression, empowerment and sustainability.

What personal truth do you stand for that has the greatest power to shift your life TODAY?

  • Julieanne Case

    This is coming up for a lot of people right now as it should. I’m with you in standing in my truth. I found myself contemplating answering a question in a way I thought the person asking a question could handle the answer and instead decided to just say it as I would had I asked the question.  I’m choosing not to hide anymore the being I am. I want to claim my mastery.

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  • Vicki Dello Joio

    Beautiful, Chris. I appreciate you vulnerability and power. (which I often see as the same thing). For me the truth I am thinking about today is the aspect of trust. How to trust my timing and stay with my intention/purpose with an open heart, love and flow. Qi arts and yoga practices are such powerful and empowering ways to do this…

  • Kirk Zacharda

    The Truth that I am working on recently is Leaving my Nets and letting God/Spirit lead me and provide for me. The Vail is becoming thinner and thinner the more I work on this. This of course is a Life long practice but its what has unfolded for me recently.

  • Laurie Hurley

    This is beautiful, Chris. Although I love your videos, this one was powerful. My Truth is gathering the Patience to deal with my daughters, both of whom are having mini-personal crises right now. And dealing with my business which is going through a huge change – being true to my Values and my Ethics in every thing I touch and do. Thank you for this post.

  • Anonymous

    Chris this is beautiful, but honestly, truthfully, it is a bit too deep for me, for where I am at the moment. But give me a few months and help me revisit this I may be ready then;)
    Yvonne Elm Hall

  • Donna Tetreault

    I CAN RELATE to being too scared to admit to my dreams. This is something I have always struggled with. I hope I can change that for my children. I appreciate the reminder to be fearless! Thanks, Donna

  • Louise Edington

    Beautiful post Chris! I am an inspirational mentor or teacher and I am destined to be in the spotlight. I stand for overcoming fears and stepping up to live my true purpose to show others that they can do the same. And you have NO idea how HUGE it is for me to actually say that!
    Louise Edington
    Breaking Through Online Frontiers

  • Maureena Bivins, PhD

    नमस्ते Chris.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful truth.  The dreams  anchored within our hearts cannot be shaken by external events or the loss of things.  In my life, I have endeavored to align myself with universal truth and prayer is the primary vehicle by which I speak my truth and formulate my dreams and then I go out into the world and endeavor to live my truth.  I am a lover of truth.
    Maureena Bivins, PhD
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  • Pat Zahn

    I love this and appreciate your ability to stand up and proclaim your dreams. I read this yesterday and couldn’t comment…came back now and I’m still having trouble. I think I honestly don’t know what my BIG dreams are.

  • Susan Berland

    My most recent truth is that I am not retired, I am a PROFESSIONAL photo organizer, not someone who has a hobby business to keep me busy and I am passionate about working with people, learning their stories and helping them tell them through their pictures. I am compassionate, kind, a good listener with a good sense of humor. I hold a place for them to be and to experience the legacy of their stories.

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  • Dina Colman

    When you mention “shadows”, it makes me think of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and how we have to understand (and own) our shadows to be whole. We can project our shadows on others, not seeing them in ourselves. Living our truth, warts and all, is key to being healthy and happy. I’m all for dreaming big! My dream right now is to be a bestselling author, despite not having any literary connections. I have a book proposal and 60% of the book written. I believe in the book and I believe in myself and in 2012, it will be published!

  • Brenda Jones

    Oh, wow, was I ever meant to read this.  This is something that I have been working on since attending Woohoo Weekend a couple of weeks ago.  I loved the suggestions you gave from the Personal Integrity Method.  I think it’s something that I will need to sit down with and work on.  As for my truth, I am a work in progress.  I possess knowledge and experiences that can help other moms discover and reach for their dreams, release the guilt, and create the lives they love!

  • Wendee Neilson

    Because I am recovering from chronic illness, I sometimes have to take smaller steps to my dreams, but just keeping a positive attitude really helps.  I’ve been sidetracked again by yet another business(one that makes money) and it’s not really my dream, but I’m having fun and enjoying the experience.  I still work on my dreams each week and one day I will be there.  This new business is a business that was started by my brother and he has big dreams for me in making it successful, and I told him the other day via email, that this is not my dream, but I will do what I can to make it successful because it is now a job for me.  But I did catch myself wanting to be the manufacturer for a bunch of stuff that I that is a BIG awareness for me.

  • Jillian Todd

    Beautifully said. You convey the feeling behind the task and the necessity of living our dreams, first by speaking them. I have a little plaque next to my bed: Seek your truth and speak your truth, for there is power and vision in your words. It reminds me that whatever I speak, it has to be my truth. If it’s not, it can still come to me, even the negative. I may as well only talk about my dreams, my calling, my passion!

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  • Anonymous

    Good Morning Chris – This post  is a beautiful and thoughtful way to start my day!  My truth that I’ve recently rediscovered is that I love to write.  I love the business and joy of blogging.  It makes me happy! I love connecting with people virtually (and in person of course) but the power of the internet really makes me happy!  Thank you!